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What is Quick 6 Golf?

Quick 6 Golf is a fun and competitive way to get in 18 holes of golf action in just 90 minutes! Q6, as golfers refer to it, is like playing an individual scramble on just 6 holes.

Quick 6 Golf appeals to the adult male golfer who leads a busy lifestyle with limited recreational time. While standard golfing skills are employed, the game offers a unique scoring format that awards points for good shots. Q6 players like the fact that reward points go up in value as the round goes on; providing players with numerous  come-back opportunities.

Q6 is ideal for twosomes, tournaments, league play, outings, special events, and casual play. In one six hole round players will take 3 drives from each tee, 3 shots from their best fairway lies, and will putt-out one ball they select as their best on the green.

Q6 outings and leagues are great because you can start late in the day with limited day light left and still finish before the sun sets.  You need to start just 90 minutes before dark and you can complete a great event even after a full day meeting or a long day of work.